The real estate market in Spain 2022

We know that 2022 was a very volatile year in the economic arena. This is due to various global factors that have impacted and continue to impact many economies. Before we can analyze the behavior of the real estate market, we need to know how the socioeconomic sector is doing in Spain. Spain is recovering […]

What is a deposit contract and what types are there?

You want to buy an apartment in Spain and don’t know what types of deposit contracts there are? Once the documents have been checked and you want to start buying, you must first sign the deposit contract (contrato de arras). The deposit contract is an agreement signed between the two parties to confirm the seller’s […]

Where in Spain do foreigners buy vacation homes?

Buying real estate in Spain has become increasingly popular since the pandemic. The portal Idealista has conducted a study indicating which Spanish regions are the most interesting for foreigners. This study was conducted with data from buyers from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania and Morocco who are most interested in buying vacation properties […]

What documents should you check before buying property in Spain?

In any real estate purchase in Spain, it is very important to check the documents related to the property. This is called the “due diligence process” and consists of obtaining and reviewing various documents related to the property, not only to verify that all factual and legal aspects are correct, but also to facilitate negotiations […]

Mortgages for non-residents in Spain

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, either as an investment or as a vacation home, we have good news for you. Even if you are not a resident of Spain, you have the possibility to finance the purchase of your real estate. Want to learn how non-resident financing works in Spain? […]

Which investment strategy for real estate in Spain is the best?

Want to invest in Spanish real estate but don’t know which strategy is best for you? Here, we’ll explain the two main real estate investing strategies that can help you make the right decision as a beginner investor. When investing in foreign real estate in Spain, there are different goals that you can achieve with […]

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